Save Money on Your Electric Bill

By: K.H. Smith

Some things I do, that I feel is pretty normal, help us save on our electric bill.  They are small savings but do add up over time. Consider some of these suggestions to save money on your electric bill this month!

  1. Keep the thermostat down in the winter and up in the summer. I generally have the heat set at 65° in the winter, but with a programmable thermostat, I can vary the temperature during the day.  I like it a little warmer when I wake up (it is hard enough to get up!) and then let it get cooler when I am at work.  In the summer I set it at 80° when I am gone, and 76° in the evenings.  I find that if you are dressed for the season, you are generally ok.
  2. Set the hot water heater to 120°.
  3. Air dry most clothes. It saves the clothes wear and tear and it is cheaper than the dryer.  I do dry jeans, sheets, and towels.  Sometimes I just tumble dry them for 15 minutes, and then air dry.  I have a rod in the laundry room and just use hangers or a clothes pin hanger to hang the clothes.
  4. Wash clothes in cold water.
  5. Turn the lights out. I try to keep all unnecessary lights out, which is a challenge with my son! I also use CFLs or LED light bulbs to reduce wattage.
  6. Purchased good windows. When I replaced the windows in the house I got a good window that reduced heating and cooling expenses. I also have checked the doors and outlets for drafts and sealed accordingly.
  7. Unplug devices that are not in use.  I am getting better about this, but chargers continue to use power even when off. So unplug them or use power strips.
  8. In the summer months, use a slow cooker (here are some tasty crock pot meals),  toaster oven or grill to reduce the heat generated by your oven.

Do you have other ways to reduce electricity usage and save money on your electric bill?  Please share in the comments!

save on electric bill

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