5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Teachers!

By: K.H. Smith

It’s almost that time of the year again!  I just don’t know how it creeps up on me year after year, but every year I am scrambling for ideas for teacher gifts.  Preferably affordable teacher gifts! So this year, I thought I would think ahead, and maybe help you out at the same time! Win – Win

One of my favorite teacher gifts was a bit of a lucky find.  It was a cute throw on clearance at Bed, Bath, & Beyond ($6).   I added a packet of gourmet hot cocoa and a cute note from my son.  To me, it was useful and thoughtful, which is what I aim for.  I like browsing clearance bins at stores like BB&B, and Homegoods, but in my area you need to be on it early to find good deals. Look for things like a throw, spa-like items such as soaps and bath bombs, or something you would really like.  Chances are your kid’s teacher would like it too!

Another idea would be to make something crafty. Do you knit, crochet, or sew? Something homemade is always special. It doesn’t have to be big.  Maybe a scarf, hat, or fleece blanket?  Something you can whip up fairly quickly is best.  You may even have the supplies already on hand.  That yarn/fabric stash is coming in handy!

Do you like to bake? Maybe a little homemade treat or basket of a few treats. You could be elaborate or as simple as you want.

Maybe you prefer something more savory?  What about a soup? You could even do a mason jar of the dry ingredients and attach the recipe with a ribbon.  Done, and super cute! Here are some adorable mason jar gift ideas.

What about a travel mug with assorted hot chocolates or coffees.  You could make the hot chocolate powder and present it in a mason jar or a baggie with a ribbon. (picture to follow) (I did one with pulverized candy canes for a little mint flavor. Yum!

Any gift for the teacher that is heartfelt and thoughtful will be appreciated, but sometimes, spending a little time and a little less money just makes your holiday budget work!


Please feel free to add any gift ideas that have worked well for you!



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