Build Holiday Memories for Free!

By: K.H.Smith

Who doesn’t enjoy spending time with family and friends over the holidays?  I know I do!  But a lot of dinners out, and gift exchanges can put a pinch on the budget.  So why not think of some fun, but free options for spending time and still build holiday memories with family and friends?


Here are a few of my faves…

  1. Have a game night – Play a board game, interactive video games (like Let’s Dance), or card games. Plan a time after dinner time (so no one needs to provide a meal).  You could do a snack or beverage, or you could ask your guests to bring a favorite!
  2. Meet outdoors for a walk – Walk around a park, outdoor mall, or see the sights in your town (especially if they decorate for the holidays!) Just remember to dress for the weather.
  3. Have a gift wrapping party – everyone brings their unwrapped gifts and spends the afternoon wrapping and chatting. (Wine and light snacks may be needed, but you could have everyone bring a bottle!)
  4. Bake cookies – Just choose types that you already have the ingredients for – sugar or peanut butter cookies are easy. Any other treats work too.  It’s really about working on a project together!
  5. Have a holiday movie night – you just need popcorn and some classic holiday movies!
  6. Do a jigsaw puzzle together – ‘Nuf said!
  7. Have a holiday craft party – This could be for adults or kids. The adult version involves everyone bringing a craft they are working on and just chatting while crafting.  The kiddo one would be a bit more work, but if it’s from supplies you already have… it could be free!


Hopefully, these ideas will get you started!  Think outside the dinner and drinks options and you can build some wonderful memories without breaking the bank! Here are some other free winter activities to try!


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