free winter activities

Free Winter Activities

By: K.H. Smith

Even with chilly outdoor temperatures there are plenty of free winter activities to have fun and keep your entertainment budget low!  Free entertainment ideas are an easy way to trim your budget.  You and your family will still be able to find fun things to do.  You just might need to get creative! Here is a list of free winter activities to get you started!

  1. Play a board game.
  2. Play a multiplayer video game together, maybe have a tournament!
  3. Depending on the temperature outside, bundle up and take a winter hike. With no leaves the views can be even more breathtaking!
  4. If you have snow, you could snowshoe, build a snow fort, sled, or have a snowball fight!
  5. Learn a new skill on You Tube.
  6. Pick up an old craft like crocheting, or knitting
  7. Teach your kids your craft.
  8. (There are probably enough ingredients in your pantry to make something yummy!) If you don’t want to eat the treats, take them to your local fire department.
  9. If you’re lucky to live near museums that are free. Take advantage.  Here in DC almost all of them are free.
  10. Go to the library.
  11. Have a movie night! Either with a library movie or one of your favorites.
  12. Organize a closet. Donate or sell the clothes.
  13. If your kids are little, build a fort inside with couch cushions and sheets
  14. Check out your town’s Christmas lights.
  15. Have a fire in the fireplace. This could be a romantic stay home date with wine and cheese or make it family time with campfire stories.
  16. If it’s warm enough and you have one, have a fire in your fire pit outside!
  17. Do an indoor workout, like yoga or a bodyweight bootcamp. YouTube is full of great videos.
  18. Have a sing-a-long with your kids, or by yourself and just belt out some tunes! You could do it karaoke style on a made up stage with costumes!
  19. There are many organizations that need help anytime of the year.  Consider a hypothermia shelter, food pantry, or animal shelter.  The options are limitless, even if you have little kids.
  20. Organize your photos. Either the old school ones in a box or the digital ones on your computer.  It’s always nice to have them organized and then you can enjoy them more. Maybe make a slide show or rotate some to your frames?


There are many more options depending on your area.  Don’t be afraid to bundle up and head outside! Ask around Facebook, maybe your friends have some ideas, or maybe they want to join you!  Many of these winter activities are also great if you get snowed in together for a few days! Enjoy the family time! Memories don’t cost money to make!


What ideas do you have for free winter entertainment?


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